New E-Mail server in the works

As the title indicates, we’re working to get a new mail server configured to replace the current system.  The current system is starting to show it’s age a bit and is no longer maintained by the vendor (Sun), at least not for free.

We toyed with many different options, including the roll-your-own method, but it became apparent rather quickly that the time required to write a custom-built solution with all the features that were desired far exceeded that which was available.

What was finally settled upon was the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.  Now owned by Yahoo!, this open-source-based application meets almost all of the requirements, not the least of which is a very mature web-client for email users.    We are deploying the “Community” edition of the software, which is a fancy way of saying “free”.  The company does make a for-pay edition as well that offers a few more features, but they didn’t add enough to make the cost worthwhile.

While a cutover date hasn’t been decided on, it should be happening within the next month or so.  We already have the new server online and are doing some functionality/use-case testing along with some fine-tuning of the configuration.  However, it’s already “good” enough that we’ve decided to migrate the relatively low-used domain over to it.

Stay tuned here for further details of the migration, and as always, feel free to leave us some comments using the “Contact Us” link above.