Resolved Outage: Network Outage

At approximately 10:30PM PDT, the DSL servicing Tower Network stopped passing traffic.  It is believed to be a problem with the upstream provider, and no ETR is available at this time.  Our offsite host, siege, should be providing minimal DNS and email capabilities until the circuit is back up (and by minimal email, we mean that it will accept and store incoming email.  It does not provide any ability for users to check their email).

And yes, we are aware that because of this outage, you won’t see this post until the DSL becomes live again, but at this point it’s the best we can do.

Update: The circuit came back online at almost exactly midnight.  The precise nature of the start/end times makes this smell like pre-scheduled maintenance, but this is purely conjecture.  At any rate, the circuit seems stable for the moment, so we’re going to call this “resolved.”